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Please log in to our school Science scheme which provides your child with a science unit of work with video tutorials and related activities and quizzes on what they have learnt.  Mrs Osborne is updating this weekly for the whole school.

How to access

  • Sign into Developing Experts website at: 
  • Select your school by typing New Christ Church  in the school name box. 
  • The pupil number is the first 3 letters of your child's first name and then the whole of the last name, all in lowercase. (For example: Jonathon  Smith would be jonsmith.  If you have more than one last name then it is just the very last name. For example: Jonathon Smith Adams would be jonadams.) 
  • If a child has a sibling who has the same three letters as them, their younger sibling has the whole of their first name then last name
  • This will take you into the pupil dashboard.
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New Christ Church Primary School is a member of the Oxford Diocesan Schools Trust.