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Love Each Other, Love Our World, Love Ourselves

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Our Mission

Our Mission


  • We all develop knowledge, skills and enthusiasm for life-long learning

  • Pupils develop emotional resilience and spiritual awareness rooted in Christian principles

  • Pupils feel accepted, loved, affirmed and understand boundaries


Our Ethos

We set clear and firm boundaries for our children that are rooted in love, Christian values as well as a therapeutic approach to learning.


Our curriculum therefore seeks to develop powerful knowledge within children whilst encouraging growth of their skills and character ensuring they are able to fully value each other, their community and themselves. 


Our curriculum is broad and balanced which allows us to develop the whole child - recognising children’s individual and unique talents and aspirations.  Our curriculum is based upon the belief that everyone has the right to succeed in a learning environment that should inspire, challenge, question and provide hope regardless of their background.


Our school serves a deprived area of Reading and so we have set our curriculum so that it ignites children’s aspirations and interests- growing their passions.  Through our varied and broad curriculum we are giving them the knowledge to succeed in life and the skills to pursue their interests and passions; to explore, investigate, to understand and to remember.


Our intent is to deliver a curriculum that is:

  • Curriculum knowledge is rich and varied; deeply embedded, frequently recalled, reused and applied.  Knowledge that is built upon and provides challenge and equitable experiences for all

  • Using high quality books that promote a love of reading and expose every learner to higher level texts

  • Rich in vocabulary and dialogue - enabling pupils to challenge themselves and disagree well

  • Providing engaging, exciting, inspiring purposeful experiences that allow children to put knowledge into context, practise key skills and ignite aspirations, passions and widen horizons

  • Based on our locality, our rich history and our varied cultures but reaching for a global community
  • Relentlessly focussed on key learning skills where children develop resilience in learning and are given opportunities to transfer knowledge and skills across subjects and life experiences, enabling everyone to positively contribute to their community





Trust Link

New Christ Church Primary School is a member of the Oxford Diocesan Schools Trust.