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Curriculum Intent

Our Mission


  • We all develop knowledge, skills and enthusiasm for life-long learning

  • Pupils develop emotional resilience and spiritual awareness rooted in Christian principles

  • Pupils feel accepted, loved, affirmed and understand boundaries


Our Ethos

We set clear and firm boundaries for our children that are rooted in love, Christian values as well as a therapeutic approach to learning.


Our curriculum therefore seeks to develop powerful knowledge within children whilst encouraging growth of their skills and character ensuring they are able to fully value each other, their community and themselves. 


Our curriculum develops the whole child, recognising children’s individual and unique talents and aspirations.  Our curriculum is based upon the belief that everyone has the right to succeed in a learning environment that should inspire, challenge, question and provide hope regardless of their background.


Our school serves a deprived area of Reading and so we have set our curriculum so that it ignites children’s aspirations and interests- growing their passions.  Through our varied and broad curriculum we are giving them the knowledge to succeed in life and the skills to pursue their interests and passions; to explore, investigate, to understand and to remember.


Our intent is to deliver a curriculum that is:

  • Aspirational and rich in vocabulary and dialogue – enabling pupils to challenge themselves and others well

  • Providing engaging, exciting, inspiring purposeful experiences that allow children to put knowledge into context, practise key skills and widen their horizons and ignite their passions

  • Curriculum knowledge is rich and varied; deeply embedded, frequently recalled, reused and applied.  Knowledge that is built upon and provides challenge and equitable experiences for all

  • Using high quality books that promote a love of reading and expose every learner to higher level texts

  • Based on our locality, our rich history and our varied cultures but reaching for a global community

  • Relentlessly focussed on key learning skills where children develop resilience in learning and are given opportunities to transfer knowledge and skills across subjects and life experiences, enabling everyone to positively contribute to their community





Our Curriculum Vision


  • Child focussed and child led

  • Has a clear set of aims and key knowledge and skills for the whole of primary school life, each key stage as well as clear aims for each year group

  • Creative, broad and balanced – every subject being held in high esteem and led well by subject leaders

  • Born from our local history and reaching for our global future

  • Deepening our knowledge and mastery of knowledge whilst developing our skills and character, in order to equip children for the changing future ahead

  • Celebratory – celebrating our progress, our learning journeys and our successes


Our curriculum ensures children develop themselves in 3 key areas: Knowledge, Character and Skills.


  • Remember what they have learnt previously and apply it in new and different situations

  • Be well prepared for successful learning in the next Key Stage

  • Know what the different subjects are and their relevance and importance in life

  • Know and celebrate our community

  • Know how to make safe choices: online, culturally and within their communities

  • Develop financial understanding and awareness

  • Children know what they are learning and why

  • Children have the right knowledge that helps them to make healthy choices


  • Children develop a growth mindset that builds on resilience and a ‘can do’ attitude

  • Children are able to be self-sufficient in learning and life

  • Resilient in learning and education

  • Children develop the skills to be polite, well-mannered and respectful to all; accepting of all cultures and religions

  • Develop and maintain healthy relationships

  • Have aspirations and high expectations for themselves and for their relationships and community

  • Being empathy driven and developing a broad minded approach to learning and the world

  • Know that hard work pays off

  • Be inspired, curious and develop a love for learning

  • Be able to express themselves appropriately

  • Feel important and valued and part of something bigger

  • Experience awe and wonder


  • Develop strong skills in reading, writing and maths

  • Develop key Oracy skills

  • Develop independence in their learning

  • Know how to manage and organise their time well

  • The skills to adapt their knowledge and skills to different situations and circumstances e.g. you can write a report for science, history, English etc

  • Know how to disagree amicably and to debate and discuss ideas

  • Know how to resolve and solve problems positively

  • Able to make choices that are right for them

  • Treat people equitably

  • Develop the skills to work as part of a team

  • Discerning of the truth

  • Accept fresh starts and give fresh starts

  • Dreaming big

  • Developing and understanding forgiveness

Trust Link

New Christ Church Primary School is a member of the Berkshire Schools Trust.